Underground storage tanks


S&F DOUBLE-WALL TANK is Domestic ShareNO.1 Cumulative Sales20,000units

S&F Double ‒ wall Tank is a truly innovative product; it has a double ‒ wall structure consisting of a primary steel tank and a secondary FRP tank, and it is equipped with sensor for monitoring leakage. The seamless secondary FRP tank is manufactured using our advanced spray-up technology. ※FRP: Fiber-reinforced plastic

Excellent in Economy, Safety and Quality

  • 1.Automatic production makes prices reasonable.
  • 2.Reduced construction costs and construction time due to elimination of a tank room
  • 1.Constant leakage monitoring
  • 2.Primary steel tank is leak proof by pressure test
  • 3.Secondary FRP tank is KHK (Hazardous Materials Safety Techniques Association) certified
  • 4.Capable to store alcohol blended fuels
  • 1.Measurement of tank wall thickness, pinhole check, water/air pressure and decompression test are conducted to ensure high performance.
  • 2.Highly durable FRP thickness
  • 3.Pressure control throughout the installation
  • 4.ISO9001 quality control

Leak monitor

Leakage due to corrosion of the steel layer is detected before it causes soil contamination.


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