Underground storage tanks


TK Support (tank saddle)

It is a safety structure where load is received at the tank bottom, and it is fitted to the tank shape by factory prefabrication.
Construction work of foundation period can be shortened about 3 days, and construction work cost can also be reduced.
Note) This option might not be permitted by some of the fire offices. Prior discussion with local fire office is recommended.

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SF double wall Pipe

  • ・Excellent work efficiency at site
  • SF double wall pipes are used in the connection between aboveground vent pipes and underground pipes, and they offer excellent work efficiency without requiring any welding work at the site.
  • ・Tightness Inspection during construction as well as after construction
  • You can continuously monitor any leakage of liquid from pipes, and you can inspect it during construction as well as after construction has been completed.
  • ・Quality stability due to factory prefabrication
  • SF double wall pipes are manufactured in integrated manner in a fully controlled plant. Therefore, products have consistent quality without any deviation.

Submergible Turbine Pump

  • Economic efficiency
  • ・By moving the pump motor with built-in dispenser to the inside of the underground storage tank, it reduces the total cost of fuelling facility.
  • ・high efficiency submergible motor produces higher discharge rate and discharge pressure.
  • Safety
  • ・When leakage is detected in pipes, a controller shutdowns the motor or limits discharge rate in minute amount.
  • ・It stops the current supply when overheating of pump motor is detected.
  • ・When inventory reaches minimum set volume, the controller stops the motor to prevent idle operation.
  • ・In the event of detection of overload, overcurrent, or voltage leakage of pump motor, emergency stop of motor will be triggered.
  • ・Relief valve is with built-in check valve protects dispenser and pipes in the event of abnormal high pressure.
  • ・Air bubbles in oil fuel are collected in manifold and returned to the tank.
  • ・Fuel always circulates in the motor, this cools down and lubricate the motor, and ensures its long life.
  • Convenience
  • ・Submerged pump can have 30 meters head (gasoline column) capacity, and pipe length up to 60 meters between underground tank and dispensers, allowing greater flexibility in design layout and burial construction work.
  • ・Pump motor can be easily replaced without removing fuel pipe and electrical conduit.


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