Underground storage tanks


Comparison between SF Tank and FF Tank

SF double wall tank is made of steel and excels at physical strength.
There are no concerns of external corrosion and it is completely safe→Especially, in Japan where earthquakes occur frequently, you can rely on it because of its proven record.

SF tank FF tank
Earthquake resistant strength Steel products are strong (proven from past records) Weaker than the steel products
Strength of nozzles for piping connection purpose Strong due to its unitary structure with the steel tank. Attached by secondary adhesion
Special care needed for handling
Cathodic protection measures not necessary not necessary
Waste Disposal Main body is recyclable Cut the whole into 10cm2 pieces and dispose as industrial waste.
Applicability to biofuel (alcohol) Usable by all types of fuel Consideration is needed for the use of biofuel
(Note) The U.S. made FF double wall tank can handle alcohol-blend fuels due to ingenious plastic grade and tank structure. (UL-approved)


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