Underground storage tanks


Standard Specifications

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SUS (Stainless steel) Tanks

Stainless steel underground tanks for various solvents storage.

These tanks have excellent durability and corrosion resistance, and they are suitable for liquids where quality preservation is specially emphasized.
With combination of SUS material and our double wall tank technology, we can offer enhanced safety and reliability.
*We can also handle acid pickling, degreasing, and buffing of the inner surface of tank according to your requirement.

SUS (Stainless steel) Tanks

Super SF Double Wall Tank

Advanced tanks made by adding value to the conventional tanks

タンク内部腐食処理 Corrosion treatment inside of the tank After using the primary steel tank for several years, despite of all efforts, water will accumulate due to the condensation and other factors, and dissolved oxygen contained in the water will cause rusting to the bottom surface of the primary tank. Furthermore, if there is any difference in the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water due to sediments or others inside the tank, corrosion may increase due to galvanization on the borders of these areas of concentration. Our super SF double wall tank solves this problem. After abrasive treatment the bottom of primary tank 1.5 mm thick FRP layer is applied to the area. This fully eliminates the concern of inner surface corrosion due to water retained at the bottom of the primary steel tank.


Interior White Epoxy Coating Tank

Interior white coating provides excellent water resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance.

It is used as the interior coating of tanks for aviation fuel, where safe operation is the utmost priority. In recent years, from the importance of emergency situations, more and more local governments have been introducing helicopter ambulances and rescue helicopters.
In addition to our reliable tank technology, we also apply white epoxy coating that doesn’t affect the jet fuel on the entire inner surface of the tank, based on the “Guidelines for the Handling of Jet Fuel” issued by Petroleum Association of Japan.
This coating is also compatible to a wide range of fuels and various solvents.


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