Environment Initiatives

Environment Initiatives

Our products are made from multiple layers of our compound material technology, which combines steel and FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic). These products have evolved from underground hazardous substance storage tanks to water storage tanks for firefighting purpose and eventually to earthquake-resistant water storage tanks (Aqua Angel) for use in the underground environment field at energy and environmental facilities. We believe that our fundamental mission is to protect the underground environment, and we will continue to address this issue in future.

Policy of Environmental Protection

・In order to promote environment protection activities , we will abide by environment related laws and regulations in the manufacturing process.
・We will participate in environment protection activities for regional societies.
・We will strive to consider various underground environments factors, and develop products keeping these environmental issues in mind.

Products for environmental measures

We are manufacturer of underground storage tanks for hazardous substances used in energy facilities. And by applying our technology of manufacturing underground storage tanks for hazardous substances, we also manufacture earthquake proof water storage tanks and water storage tanks for firefighting purposes (Aqua Angel) used in environmental facilities. These products have very high relevance for global environment. Especially in recent years, due to strengthening of the Soil Pollution Control Act, projects on dealing with leakage accidents of hazardous substance underground storage tanks is attracting a lot of attention. Our products play an important role of creating comfortable global environment by preventing leakage accidents beforehand.

・Products related to energy facilities: SF double wall tanks, various oil storage tanks
・Products related to environment conservation facilities: FSF earthquake resistant water storage tanks, fireproof water tanks, other water tanks

For cooperating to Environment Sustainable Society

Steel used in our hazardous substance underground storage tanks and primary tanks create value addition through recycling FRP which can be used as auxiliary fuel in cement manufacturing.
The company believes that recovery of used products is also one of the important responsibilities as a manufacturer, and disposing the materials in a responsible manner is an important environmental activity.

Work environment

For the work environment represented by 3Ds (Demeaning, Dirty, Dangerous), in order to maintain labor safety and health, under the motto that good products are born from warm and comfortable work environment, all employees work as one team on labor safety and health activities and create that kind of working environment. In that, for environment improvement, we strive to create a comfortable work environment in the factory by planting trees and providing facilities such as Japanese style baths where employees can relax and refresh themselves.

April 30, 2005
Yoshiaki Tamada, President and CEO, Tamada Industries, Ltd.


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