Business Description

Business Description

Design and Construction of Hazardous Substance Facilities

Technology and know-how of Tamada Industries is expanding its horizon in various fields.

Beginning with Service Stations (SS) that form the backbone of the automobile dependent society to fuel supply facility system for helicopter ambulances that transport patients in emergency situation, in addition to engineering design and construction of various fuel plants, we are engaged in designing, construction, and system development of a wide range of plant engineering irrespective of the type of accessories used inside the tanks such as manufacturing and sales of fireproof water tanks and earthquake proof water storage tanks in preparation for disasters.

In addition to this, Tamada Industries play a very active role in various fields such as after-sales services like inspection and maintenance of plant engineering and environment-friendly construction techniques like underground storage tank lining and pipe coating.

  • Service Station (SS)(non-metallic pipe)
    Service Station (SS)(non-metallic pipe)
  • Service Station (SS)
    Service Station (SS)
  • Aviation fuel supply facility
    Aviation fuel supply facility
  • Oil tank plant engineering
    Oil tank plant engineering
  • Piping construction work
    Piping construction work


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