For Securing a Lifeline of Water in the Case of an Earthquake AQUA in PIT – Water Circulating Storage Tank

AQUA in PIT is a water storage tank that is directly connected with water supply pipes so that water can circulate constantly. Unlike a conventional water tank that only stores water, AQUA in PIT works as a part of water supply pipes, and can supply water for drinking and fi refi ghting in the case of a disaster to save people’s lives.

  • ■Supplying Fresh Water
  • AQUA in PIT series has unique structure to achieve eff ective water fl ow. AP-03, AP5 and AP20 have a tapered pipe and a disc. AP40 and AP100 are equipped with a divider plate inside. These devices help water circulation effi ciently.
    In our experiment using AP-03, AP5 and AP20, 3.6 times as much as tank capacity could replace 99% of water inside. As for AP40 and AP100, the water was replaced by supplying three times the volume of tank capacity water. You can select a tank from our product line based on the amount of water needed at the site.

  • ■Reliable Safety
  • Because the AQUA in PIT tank is buried underground, it is very safe in the case of a disaster. Moreover, it has a high pressure resistance; AP-03 and AP5 have passed the pressure test at 1.75MPa, and AP20, AP40 and AP100 withstood the test at 1.23MPa according to the certifying parties.

    【Problems of Conventional Water Supply Systems of Apartment Buildings】
    Indirect supply system (Roof-top water tanks):
    Water tank, usually placed on a rooftop, which is connected to water supply pipe has the advantage of water being supplied in the case of a water suspension; however, it has the disadvantage of the tank being in danger of falling down.
    Direct supply system:
    Water is pressurized by pumps, which are connected to water pipes, in order to supply to the whole building. This system has become more popular because it does not need roof-top tank; however, it has the disadvantage that water supply will be lost instantly in the case of a water suspension.

Five Types Available for Demands


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