Water Storage Tank for firefighting purpose

Prefabricated water storage tank, comparison with conventional concrete tank

Advantages of Aqua Angel

  • Economic Efficiency
  • ・Reduction of construction cost (personnel cost, heavy machinery cost)
  • ・Shortening of construction period
  • Safety
  • ・FRP’s durability, corrosion and water resist performance would protect the environment almost permanently.
  • ・Cylindrical shape that can withstand load and soil pressure
  • Maintenance
  • ・it can be easily repaired and refurbished in the unlikely event of breakdown.
  Prefabricated Concrete Tank Aqua Angel
Installation time 10-15 hours 3-6 hours
Total construction days 15-17 days 8-10 days
Curing time in construction 48-96 hours 6-8 hours

Comparison from shipping up to burial (Reference: 40m3 capacity)


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