Underground Tank Interior Lining


It extends the life span of old underground storage tank.

  • ■Current situation
  • ・In recent years, leakage accidents due to aging degradation and electrical corrosion are on rise.
    ・As of now, only pressure inspection is legally mandatory for underground storage tanks.
    ・For underground storage tanks not having manhole, it is difficult to conduct visual inspection that would allow verifying corrosion.
    ・In the present Fire Service Law, there are no provisions on useful life of underground storage tanks, and no one can predict when leakage will occur due to long use.
  • ■Solution
  • FRP interior lining construction method based on the know-how accumulated as the tank manufacturer will make up for the defects (but not penetrated) generated from the corrosions of underground storage tank. It works by forming FRP layer after cleaning.
    This construction method stops the spread of corrosion in the existing underground storage tanks and prevents leakage for prolonged usage.
    *It doesn’t repair the underground storage tanks where leakage has already occurred.

  • ■Features
  • ●Low cost
    Comparing to replacement of the tank, the construction is possible approximately 1/3rd the cost.

    ●Shortening of construction period
    For one 10KL capacity tank, construction can be completed in about 7 days, while for four tanks, construction can be completed in about 15 days.
    Construction is also possible without suspension of business.

    ●Highly experienced staff
    Proven track record of these construction works on more than 5,000 tanks over 10 years since we started the business.
    We commit to undertake assured and safe construction work based on the technical knowledge accumulated over several years.

    ●Corrosion proof material - FRP
    We use the same FRP as the one used in the secondary tank of SF double wall tank, which is our main product.
    Affixing this FRP on the interior wall prevent the spread of corrosion, and increases durability.


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