Underground Tank Interior Lining

Underground Pipe Interior Coating

It extends the life span of old underground pipes.

  • ■Current situation
  • ・In recent years, leakage accidents due to aging degradation and electrical corrosion are on rise.
    ・As of now, only pressure inspection is legally mandatory for underground storage pipes in Japan.
    ・It is difficult to conduct visual inspections that would allow verifying corrosion.
    ・There are no provisions in the current Fire Service Law for the useful life of underground pipes, and no one can predict when leakage will occur due to perennial use.
  • ■Solution
  • Underground pipe coating construction method removes rust and grease deposited on the inner side of pipes by using neutralizing agent, and then, it coats epoxy plastic on the inner side.
    With this construction method, you can extend the life span of the existing underground pipes.
    *It doesn’t repair and restore the oil pipes that are already leaking.
  • ■Features
  • ●Excavation is not required..Low cost
    Because construction is conducted with air flow rate, coating can be done with just the entry and the exit of underground piping.
    As it is not required to drill or peel off concrete, construction period id is short, and cost is also low as compared to pipe replacement.
    ●Highly experienced staff…Proven work
    Accurate construction work can be carried out irrespective of the shape of conduit.
    Excellent know-how is required for this type of work. This work is carried out by our technical staff members, who have completely mastered the coating work techniques.
    ●Oil resistant epoxy material…Excellent durability
    After coating with epoxy, it prevents the generation of rust, and it extends the lifespan of underground pipes.


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