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Tamada Industries Inc. was established in Kanazawa City of Ishikawa Prefecture in 1950, and has been engaged in the business to design and construct facilities for dangerous substances with a focus on gas stations mainly in Hokuriku Area in Japan.

Taking advantage of deregulation of Fire Service Act to change our specifications of Underground Storage Tanks in 1993, we have been developing the market for our S/F Double Wall Tank across the nation.

We believe that the tradition of business is made through our continuous challenge against changes of business environment.

Now we think we have grown into a company with nation-wide activity having the largest share of S/F Double Wall Tank market in Japan and its production knowhow, in other words, knowhow for the underground structure made of composite materials, steel and FRP(Fiber reinforced plastic).

Applying such our core technology for anti-seismic water storage tank and water tank for finefighting since 1995, we have successfully commercialized such business with trade name of "Aqua Angel".

Now this business a is operated by 9 companies of Aqua Angel Group across the nation on franchise basis, which is a rare case in manufacturing industry.In addition, we are expecting that “Depot Angel”, underground shed developed with our core technology, is well accepted by the market.

Since 2009 we have launched the production and sales of "Aqua in Pit", anti-seismic water storage tank which is also applicable for drinking water.We believe that the demands of "Aqua in Pit" will be spread widely not only for emergency demands of drinking water caused from disaster such as earthquake but also for the social infrastructure.
We also put our efforts on the plant engineering business specialized into the field of aviation fuel system based on our experience of design and construction of facilities for dangerous substances.

Furthermore, our Tank Interior-lining business for existing underground tank has been strongly supported by many oil distribution companies and factories who have tanks for dangerous substances storage in the point of view of prevention from soil pollution.

We are now going to start our market development works of S/F Double Wall Tanks in overseas countries in addition to Malaysia, Thailand, and China where we already have business records.

It is said that "The stream of time can't be stopped, so just lead it."We would like to be always upright, not to stray from our own way, to be conscious of the trend of the time and to lead it.

April 1, 2009 (Heisei 21)
Tamada Industries Inc.
President/CEO Yoshiaki Tamada


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