Submergible Turbine Pump

Economic efficiency

・By moving the pump motor with built-in dispenser to the inside of the underground storage tank, it reduces the total cost of fuelling facility.
・highly efficient submergible motor produces higher discharge rate and discharge pressure.


・When leakage is detected in pipes, a controller shutdowns the motor or limits discharge rate in minute amount.
・It stops the current supply when overheating of pump motor is detected.
・When inventory reaches minimum set volume, the controller stops the motor to prevent idle operation. ・In the event of detection of overload, overcurrent, or voltage leakage of pump motor, emergency stop of motor will be triggered.
・Relief valve with built-in check valve protects dispenser and pipes in the event of abnormal high pressure. ・Air bubbles in oil fuel are collected in manifold and returned to the tank.
・Fuel always circulates in the motor, this cools down and lubricate the motor, and ensures its long life.


・Submerged pump can have 30 meters head (gasoline column) capacity, and pipe length up to 60 meters between underground tank and dispensers, allowing greater flexibility in design layout and burial construction work.
・Pump motor can be easily replaced without removing fuel pipe and electrical conduit.

Products Available

IST (Intelligent submersible turbine pump)

FE PETRO’s IST uses variable frequency controller (VFC) that is designed to monitor the status of fuel supply in service stations and maintain constant flow rate from dispenser nozzle by changing the number of rotations of the motor. This provides strong features which conventional submerged pumps do not have.


◎ At most 7 nozzles can have constant discharge flow (optional by factory setting)
◎ Submergible turbine pump is adjustable in length according to underground storage tank diameter. (Length of oil pipeline) Length of oil pipeline Model name Length of oil pipeline

Model name Length of oil pipeline
IST-1 1422~2235
IST-2 2235~3810
IST-3 2997~5384

◎ Relief screw is provided to release the pressure in the pipe and return the fuel to underground storage tank, for maintenance.
◎ For extending the life span of motor, indigenous cooling system is used. When pump is operating, fuel always goes through bronze filter and flows through bearing of the motor.
◎ Air eliminator is provided inside the pump manifold.
◎ In the unlikely event of some breakdown in the pump, it can be easily repaired and serviced.
[Pump motor can be taken out from the tank by removing three bolts.]
◎ Variable Frequency Controller (VFC) is equipped with the following consecutive diagnosis functions.
① No load operation, ② Decline in input voltage, ③ Motor rotation defect,④ Wiring defect, ⑤ Condenser defect, ⑥ Short circuit, ⑦ Temperature error, ⑧ Electrical parts defect
/Pump performance table/
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/Pump Performance Table/

Rated power 1.5kw
Power supply primary side Voltage 180~250V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power supply primary side Voltage 120~190V
Frequency 42~70Hz
Types of fuel handled Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil
Connection size NPT2(50A)