Environment and Cleaning Field

Automatic shoe washer

Great for safety management, hygiene management, and quality improvement in factories, complying with HACCP, ISO, or PL.
It removes dirt effectively from the sole of boots or shoes by cleaning liquid.


Brushes moves in parallel to the grooves of shoe sole, and thoroughly remove even the toughest stains from the sole of boots or shoes.
Stains are removed from shoes with cleaning solution. Antiseptic cleaning solutions can also be used as an option, and is recommended for hygiene management in factories.
The cleaner detects the presence of a person and automatically starts the operation. Operation time can be set from 5 to 20 seconds, and the machine can be automatically stopped with a timer function.
It is completely made of stainless steel and it is highly resistant to rust. It can be easily disassembled and its internal parts can be cleaned.
It is equipped with a large tank and cleaning liquid can also be easily refilled.
It doesn’t need any water absorption mat and can therefore be installed in a compact space.