Chemical Industry

Stirred reactor

It is a pot for the reaction and stirring of highly viscous materials.
We can design and fabricate the entire range of reaction and stirring containers of vacuumed, pressurized or in high temperature.
Stirred reactor can be produced from various materials such as SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, Hastelloy C, and Hastelloy B2. Variety of size is available from small diameter of 200mm up to large diameter of about 2500mm size.


Wide range of products can be fabricated from experiment purpose to large containers for mass production.

Powder and granular sampler

This new tool is indispensable for the sampling of powder and granular material in a number of fields.
With a vertical sampler, powder can be sampled with completely certainty. Side fins entangle and catch powder having poor liquidity, and the rotating double structure ensures that the powder is not lost.
Our powder samplers are made of stainless steel (SUS304), which makes them physically strong and highly resistant to chemicals.


Sampler inlet port
Sampler tip

Vertical powder sampler
Our samplers allow you to not only take samples from the top, but all the middle and bottom with complete certainty.
They can handle various types of powders
Side fins allow powders with poor liquidity to be sampled by entangle and catching it.
Sampled powder is not lost
Powder can be sampled with complete certainty because of rotating double structure based on an external cylinder body and internal cylinder.
Accurate sampling of local information of powder
Partitions allow the sampling of highly liquid powders as well.
Material having excellent strength is used
Material is stainless steel plate (SUS304).
They are highly resistant to chemicals, and physically strong.
We can also fabricate samplers using SUS316 upon special request.

Melter (Heating and storage room)

It heats and stores raw materials, intermediates, and finished products by the steam generated in chemical plants.


Using steam, it can heat and store raw materials, intermediates, and finished products at constant temperature.

High-Pressure Impregnating Machine

We can design and fabricate high pressure machines ranging from compact testing machines to large testing machines based on the experiment regardless of whether the test material is solid, liquid, or gas.


By controlling temperature, pressure, and vacuum state, high quality products can be manufactured reliably.
We can manufacture according to the application for heating methods such as steam heating, jacket heating, and electric heater heating.